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Ageing & Retirement: Why age is just a number

In a country which is being spoken about as the “youngest” country in the world, where over 700 million of us are under the age of 30, we have an increasing number of people who are growing old as well.

5 Nov 2015

The steps needed to be your own boss

I want to be my own boss” is a thought that has definitely crossed the minds of most corporate managers at sometime in their careers.

Yet most people hesitate to take this step for one reason or another. Giving up what one has today, including a regular pay check and the perquisites that come with the job to pursue a “dream” definitely appears to be an intimidating challenge for anyone who is contemplating changing his status quo.

13 Oct 2015

How much you share in a book is directly proportional to how secure you are as an individual.” -Ashutosh Garg

In November 2009, after Ashutosh Garg concluded his talk at a conference on entrepreneurship and new business, he was flanked by young aspiring entrepreneurs who wanted to share their business plans with him. Over small chats and scheduled meetings at his office, Garg realised that there were several lessons from his eight years of experience at Guardian Pharmacy, which could help give direction to a larger audience.

1 Apr 2015

Lee Kuan Yew

As I read about Mr Lee Kuan Yew unwell and in hospital, fighting for his life and possibly looking at the final lap of his journey on this earth, I am motivated to pen down some thoughts on him.

22 Mar 2015

Why Startup Operating Systems Crumble Under Pressure

When rapid growth takes place in a startup companythe weakest link is generally the systems that have been put in place to manage the growth.

21 Jan 2014

How to Practice Cost Control in Start-Ups

It is very easy to spend money and commit additional costs for a startup. On the other hand it is very difficult to cut back these costs.

9 Jan 2014

Looking To Raise PE Funding? Here’s What You Need To Know

Once the entrepreneur has exhausted his funding sources he needs to turn towards raising equity from private equity players. It is important to select a good private equity partner since this investor will stay with you all through thick and thin till he is able to find an exit.

31 Dec 2013

What you must do when Funding a Startup

Every startup entrepreneur who has a dream believes that he has an excellent idea and that raising money should not be a problem.Yet I have seen that getting adequate money to sustain a project is possibly the single most important challenge faced by any entrepreneur.

16 Dec 2013

To Be Successful In A Business You Need To Be Transparent To Your Suppliers

For a startup company that is growing its business aggressively cash flow is always tight and therefore prioritizing cash payments is necessary. ?

3 Dec 2013

Personnel Challenges Faced In A Start-up And How To Overcome Them

One of the biggest dilemmas I was faced with as I built the company needed good management people but the good people were not willing to join a startup company. I found it to be a huge challenge to get strong professionals managers to leave large companies and join a startup. ?

7 Nov 2013

Startup Losses and Cash Burn

Every new business will lose new money. This has to be taken as a “given”. Making a planned loss is never a problem. Making an unplanned loss and then having to try and justify it is a huge problem.

29 Oct 2013

Integrity, Ethics And Honesty Should Be The Most Important Aspects Of An Organisation

Laying the foundation of an honest organization built with strong integrity and ethics is important to set the culture, direction and priorities for any new company.

22 Oct 2013

Sourcing from China

Over the last 10 years imports from China have grown over 400% and more and more Indian traders are rushing to but cheap and often poorly made products from the thousands of manufacturers in China. I first travelled to Beijing in 1989 and have travelled on an average of 3 times a year to various parts of the country. ?

15 Oct 2013

Who is an entrepreneur?

The Oxford dictionary defines the word “entrepreneur” as “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit”

11 Oct 2013

Exporting, sogososha style

While perestroika and glasnost have been taking the world by storm, another foreign word, this one of Japanese origin, has been making its presence felt in the business world. The word is sogososha, literally meaning trading house.

21 Dec 2012

Becoming an Indian multinational

THE ‘Chinese wall’ between India and the rest of the world is coming down rapidly, now that the government, by pursuing its policies of liberalization vigorously, is determined to plug India into the world economy.

12 Dec 2012

Aircraft for edible oil

Countertrade is a term which is being increasingly bandied about by government and public sector corporations in India. Since India is a major buyer of goods from all over the world, the most natural progression of such buying arrangements has been to link it to countertrade.

4 Dec 2012

Funding of Satellite Projects

WSatellite projects, by their very definition, are expensive and need access to large amounts of funds. The cost of each satellite project can vary from US $ 100 million upwards. In addition, with the economic crisis in Asia, which has had an impact on India as well, the sources of funds have virtually dried up and though there is a hunger for good satellite stocks on stock markets, there are few takers for Asian projects.

19 Nov 2012

Adding value to compete

When the prime minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, was asked in a recent interview that his views on how to maintain competitiveness were, he replied, “The way Japan has done it – add value. Add value by more capital investments, privatization, robotics, or more skills. That is, move away from low value.”

15 Nov 2012

The best fit

The world of cinema has recently had two major cartoon character successes that cut across geographical boundaries and age groups. Batman, the old-time favourite who was revived by his creator, decided to drop his long-time friend and colleague Robin to ‘go it alone’ in the world markets.

5 Nov 2012

Information Communications World

Financing the Satellite projects is a very costly affair. More so in a country like India which has recently weathered the blow of economic crisis in Asia. On an average, each satellite project costs around US $ 100 million, or may be above.

25 Oct 2012

Seeking viability

The purpose of any economic activity is essentially to generate an income for the earner on a sustained basis. Projected on to the national and international arena, companies and nations wish to carve out for themselves a niche in the economy they operate in.

18 Oct 2012

Honda’s three joys

Soichiro Honda, founder of Honda Motor Company, laid down the fundamental principles of the market place in 1951. These have, over the years become the ideals of the company.

8 Oct 2012

Visible trends in South East Asia

Corporate finance is changing all over the world. In India as anywhere else in the world, there have been changes from the family-controlled accounting systems run by trusted accountants to the professionally run organizations employing qualified accountants.

26 Sep 2012

Trading with the world

The region should be a good training ground for Indian products, before they take on global markets.

11 Sep 2012