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Mr. Ashutosh Garg, an MBA has worked in the corporate sector for 25 years. He worked for ITC Limited for 17 years, leaving in 1995 as Managing Director of one of the ITC group companies, based in Singapore. Thereafter he spent 8 years in the aerospace industry, four years each for Lockheed Martin and Hughes, running their satellite systems.

Success at work should not be our only goal in life, entrepreneur Ashutosh Garg says

May12, 2014

Ashutosh Garg is among a few corporate honchos who have tasted success as writers. At the age of 36, in 1992, he became the youngest managing director of an ITC group company. Then he spent eight years at two global giants in the aerospace industry four years each at Lockheed Martin and Hughes, running their satellite systems. Then the entrepreneurial bug bit him and in 2003 he launched Guardian Pharmacy, one of the largest wellness retail chains in India.

Ashutosh Garg talks about drawing from life in and around him for debut novel The Corner Office

April19, 2014

The Oxford dictionary defines the word entrepreneur as a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit

In a chat on the novel, Garg, who began his writing career over three years ago with The Buck Stops Here: My Journey from a Manager to an Entrepreneur, says he was inspired to write it after observing many friends and acquaintances in the corporate world who aimed to achieve the top slot in their company but did not take into account the trade-off. In the process, they ignored their family, spouse and children and by the time they realised it, it was too late.

Having worked in this set-up and seen it inside out, Garg says his sketching of the five main characters for the novel was so authentic that it led my wife to comment that she saw shades of me in all of them.

The narrative is spanned over three decades in a backdrop which shifts from licence raj, transition to open economy and the final liberalisation of the economy the phases seen by the narrator first-hand. The protagonists hail from diverse strata of the society and represent different regions, religions, economic and family background. Admitting that it is deliberate, he says, Irrespective of ones background, ambitions, imperatives with the family are the same as are the expectations of ones kith and kin.

Explaining this, he says early on in career, one is wholly devoted to work to the detriment of the family and when it is pointed out, the explanation is, I am doing it for you all. Adds Garg, My two sons employed in corporate sector after reading the book asked Are you telling us to slow down? Negating it, he says that one must be aware of the outcomes and that everyone cannot come out as a winner in the rat race for the top post. He says, My poser to the readers is, Are any of the characters happy?

Garg emphasises on the importance of parenting. He says, It is very critical since they build the value system and instil in children what they will stand for in future. If you are unable to give time to ones offspring then you cannot expect the same from them when you grow old.

Talking about his interest in writing, Garg, a masters in business administration from Jamnalal Bajaj, Mumbai, says it started with writing letters to the editor early in life. I was excited when they would get printed, he recalls. Later, he contributed to Junior Statesman. Garg, who has also written columns for financial newspapers, wrote in 2010 his first book which charts his voyage of becoming an entrepreneur from a corporate manager.

In spite of a hectic job, Garg is ready with the draft of his third book.

Rupa Publications India is pleased to announce the publication of Th

March18, 2014


In any business, its the entrepreneur where the proverbial buck stops.

Yes, its a clich, but that is what it boils down to. When things go wrong, its your responsibility; when they go well, you get to enjoy the benets. Ashutosh Garg was a high-ying corporate honcho who decided to quit and pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. But just having a dream is not enough, he discovered; one needs to be resourceful, pragmatic, weigh the pros and cons and, most of all, have the will to keep going in the face of all odds


Ashutosh Garg

LTH3 PH1, The Laburnum 
Sushant Lok 
Gurgaon 122009 
Haryana, India

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Ashutosh Garg completed his MBA and has worked in the corporate sector for 25 years. He is currently and entrepreneur and serves on the board of Windlass Biotech Pvt Ltd, a major pharmaceutical company in India. In January 1995, he was recognised as a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum, Switzerland. He also teaches and leads a 30 hour programme on Entrepreneurship for the 1st and 2nd year PGP at the Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak and mentors several young entrepreneurs.

April 6, 2016